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DigData is the best analytics solution for MongoDB:
write queries in SQL, create beautiful visualizations
and share reports with anyone.


Powered by MQL

MQL is an SQL-like query engine tailored for MongoDB, giving you the performance of native queries with the productivity of SQL.

  • Compatible with MongoDB 2.4 and up.
  • Provides schema discovery and auto-completion.
  • Requires only read access and works with readonly users.
  • Extends MongoDB's functionality with joins and subqueries.

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MQL query:

MongoDB query: Note: some queries like joins or subqueries convert to more than one mongo query.


Give meaning to your data by creating beatiful visualizations in seconds.


Create a dashboard and get immediate feedback as your data changes.


See your geospatial data like never before.
Use MongoDB's geospatial APIs and plot points, lines and polygons on maps.


Share custom reports in a secure fashion with the ease of a single click.
Empower others with real-time access to your data.

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